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Jeuchdelicke Crulle

  “Jeuchdelicke crulle de mine gelijck” (Crulleboye van Rijn) , mixedmedia 2019 (C) lidwien van noorden colorsunwind  (75x  64x 20 cm).

On show next week at Expositie KuBra-ArtTekens in de Tijd – De Extra Tijd Thursday’s till sunday’s a new chance to visit. 👍🏽 On the last day on 16 june I’ll be there too: welcome!

We wish you in 2019…

We thank you for a marvelous year full of co-creation, wondering and stimulating all kind of arts together.  Also we wish you a happy, sustainable, inspiring 2019. Remembering: “It is in sollitude where you can place all chaos to awaken your inner peace and knowledge” .

xxx Lidwien and Lotte

“Pink sewer” Pink setting 2 (I don’t like pink) in  the serie “Collections’ @ useless, found, polluting gifts and waste  2018 (C) Lidwien van Noorden


Take a seat

Did you miss the opening @ “Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” ? Don’t worry: till 27 may on wednesdays till sundays 12.00-17.00 pm, you’r welcome. You can take a seat too :). Interested in the stories behind? See links in the sidebar or  the inter(over-)view about this expo ( in dutch).

“Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” expo(c) Lidwien van Noorden