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Medusa, your raft don’t raft…

Medusa, your raft don’t raft . Medusa, je vlot vlot niet. In this link a pdf about the installation;   (c)  lidwien van Noorden 2021

(C) @lidwien_van_noorden on show at #1episodes2 , an experimental workweek at Kunstruimte de Melkfabriek

Themes; being able to live. Inspired by worldnews, fleeing, genderdiscussions and cilmatechance too . Also inspired by materials and things I find. And old masters to remember for example; ‘raft of the medusa’ by Gericault and ‘3 may’ of Goya..

Movie; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmQ5IVLVYxA

Movie  of the proces of the expo #1 episodes2  together with @auw_mijn_been , @timonprosperartwork . @milou.vankessel is  in the making . Stay tuned…



‘TIC HEAD ISLAND 80 days quarantine’. Art installation + Art Book. Full movie (c) Lidwien van Noorden 2020

During 80 lockdown days in 2020 , Lidwien van Noorden was not able to go to her art-studio and made 100 contemplative art-images with a daily quote at home. The art installation can be visited corona-proof. Do you like to order the book ‘ (in English and Dutch) ? Or expose the installation? Just contact Lidwien.  The book is also on sale in some bookshops. ISBN 978909033442


Graduation show

An expo of 6 students #monumental #mixedmedia #art in Belgium. The film and Lidwien’s art are to find on all socials too.

I got my next bul ; I can’t count all my studies, nor my blessings:). In the expo among others: “My heart is where my homes were’ and ‘Japanese poem’ (c) Lidwien van Noorden Colorsunwind. My study buddies @Min Spillemaeckers and @Kurt van Mechelen graduated too. Congrats to all graduates!

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At the bookstore TICHEADISLAND

“TIC HEAD ISLAND”, 80 days quarantine ’ (book in English and Dutch) can be bought  @Adr. Heinen and @vanDijkvanHees.                  If you ‘ll like it signed, just contact @LidwienvanNoorden.                ISBN 978909033442

Films of TIC HEAD ISLAND, book and artinstallation, you ‘ll find on the socials and channels of Lidwien van Noorden. Like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6c1aSp5fxU Or facebook; https://www.facebook.com/lidwienvannoorden/videos/747650632679269 There are more art movies to enjoy.

Do you like to exhibite the artinstallation? Just contact Lidwien.

Extra days Tic Head Island Welcome

Friday and saturday extra days to visit Tic Head Island;  14 and 15 -08-2020.  (16-18 pm).  @Werkwarenhuis, Den Bosch.   Lidwien maakte in de 80 lockdown dagen 100 beschouwende beelden met een quote. De art-installatie  is corona-proof te bezoeken voor een gereduceerde prijs, incl. het bijbehorend fullcolor boek. Het boek (Nederlands en Engels) is daarna te bestellen bij Lidwien.

Met dank aan @Rob Heesbeen, @Anneloes Officier, vele anderen en  de Gemeente ‘s-Hertogenbosch.  @deBosscheZomer, 2020.




The making of ‘Qwelder’

“Qwelder( movie on fb) (C) Rob Heesbeen en Lidwien van Noorden.   (Also to see on youtube). Bij de expo Collab Collide Collapse geven 4 van de 20 koppels  (o.a. Rob en Lidwien) een artist talk op  14 maart ’20; 15.00-17.30 uur . Welkom!

don 12-03 15:00-20:00
vrij 13-03 15:00-20:00
zat 14-03 15:00-20:00

Collab Collide Collapse 2020


Op 5 maart 2020 opening met artworks van 20 koppels kunstenaars in het Werkwarenhuis. Rob Heesbeen en Lidwien van Noorden zijn hard aan het werk samen; het wordt supers. Kom je ook?

Rob Heesbeen  Art Lidwien van Noorden Colorsunwind                          👍🏽 Collab Collide Collapse @AtelierB5 Ongekend



We wish you in 2019…

We thank you for a marvelous year full of co-creation, wondering and stimulating all kind of arts together.  Also we wish you a happy, sustainable, inspiring 2019. Remembering: “It is in sollitude where you can place all chaos to awaken your inner peace and knowledge” .

xxx Lidwien and Lotte

“Pink sewer” Pink setting 2 (I don’t like pink) in  the serie “Collections’ @ useless, found, polluting gifts and waste  2018 (C) Lidwien van Noorden


Take a seat

Did you miss the opening @ “Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” ? Don’t worry: till 27 may on wednesdays till sundays 12.00-17.00 pm, you’r welcome. You can take a seat too :). Interested in the stories behind? See links in the sidebar or  the inter(over-)view about this expo ( in dutch).

“Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” expo(c) Lidwien van Noorden