Are you searching for tools to change? To develope your network or team? To recognize diversity? To rewind-unwind the colors and talents of each? To grow and improve? Colorsunwind will help you.

Lidwien van Noorden (owner Colorsunwind) is also a contemporay artist

More about Colorsunwind advices and life-learning projects:

Our products

We offer you strategic management consultantcy, trainings (top-, middle management, staff, trainers and employees). Specialists in transformation culture and structures, qualitysystems, coöperation and innovation projects and management, human resourch development, partcipation and activation of users (employees, youth, parents, residents), diversity, social and civil society, care for youth, pedagogics, didactics. Also arts and art education trajects are possible.

Our profile

Colors-unwind brings you an entrepreneurial and visionair natural leader and inspirator with infectious enthusiasm, coaching and didactic skills. A senior advisor and trainer able to define and execute structured plans for innovation and developing opportunities for changing to maximizing the effects of output ánd the joy for everybody working together. (so say my costumers 🙂 ).

Colors-unwind is the office of Lidwien van Noorden. She works together with experienced and skilled partners. Dynamic results driven projects are her home. Investing in people and talents is her underlying starting point.  She is a passionate, versatile and committed consultant skilled in organizational and change management, diversity, pedagogics, arts and education.

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Visual & Performance Artist. Curator. Bestuurder. Adviseur. Opleider.