Medusa, your raft don’t raft…

Medusa, your raft don’t raft . Medusa, je vlot vlot niet. In this link a pdf about the installation;   (c)  lidwien van Noorden 2021

(C) @lidwien_van_noorden on show at #1episodes2 , an experimental workweek at Kunstruimte de Melkfabriek

Themes; being able to live. Inspired by worldnews, fleeing, genderdiscussions and cilmatechance too . Also inspired by materials and things I find. And old masters to remember for example; ‘raft of the medusa’ by Gericault and ‘3 may’ of Goya..


Movie  of the proces of the expo #1 episodes2  together with @auw_mijn_been , @timonprosperartwork . @milou.vankessel is  in the making . Stay tuned…


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