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‘TIC HEAD ISLAND 80 days quarantine’. Art installation + Art Book. Full movie (c) Lidwien van Noorden 2020

During 80 lockdown days in 2020 , Lidwien van Noorden was not able to go to her art-studio and made 100 contemplative art-images with a daily quote at home. The art installation can be visited corona-proof. Do you like to order the book ‘ (in English and Dutch) ? Or expose the installation? Just contact Lidwien.  The book is also on sale in some bookshops. ISBN 978909033442


At the bookstore TICHEADISLAND

“TIC HEAD ISLAND”, 80 days quarantine ’ (book in English and Dutch) can be bought  @Adr. Heinen and @vanDijkvanHees.                  If you ‘ll like it signed, just contact @LidwienvanNoorden.                ISBN 978909033442

Films of TIC HEAD ISLAND, book and artinstallation, you ‘ll find on the socials and channels of Lidwien van Noorden. Like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6c1aSp5fxU Or facebook; https://www.facebook.com/lidwienvannoorden/videos/747650632679269 There are more art movies to enjoy.

Do you like to exhibite the artinstallation? Just contact Lidwien.

Én Én expo

7 september opent de Muzerije om 16.30 u de expo ” Én Én”. Van docent/zp-er/medewerker/én coaches van de Muzerije. (7 september t/m 1 oktober te bezoeken). So my arts too :): ” Blue monday”  (stoel-object op de poster) en “Dot, comma” zijn er te zien. Van harte welkom!

Kom je ook langs bij de Open atelierroute DenBosch 2018  op 22 en 23 september? Ik ‘serveer’ een ‘openingsexpo’ in mijn nieuwe atelier at home: ook van harte welkom! 7 september om 20.00 u opent STOK de bijpassende expo met werken van de deelnemende kunstenaars in het Kruithuis.  (te zien t/m 16 september ) .


Take a seat

Did you miss the opening @ “Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” ? Don’t worry: till 27 may on wednesdays till sundays 12.00-17.00 pm, you’r welcome. You can take a seat too :). Interested in the stories behind? See links in the sidebar or  the inter(over-)view about this expo ( in dutch).

“Is it all about cubes? It is also about chairs” expo(c) Lidwien van Noorden