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Een experimentele beleving. 
@milou_vankessel @timonprosper @auw_mijn_been en @lidwien_van_noorden nodigen je van harte uit bij hun tiendaagse werkweek ‘Episodes’ in Kunstruimte de Melkfabriek.  De kunstenaars stellen hun nieuwste werk ten toon. In de experimentele week werken zij aan nieuwe objecten en beleving in interactie met elkaar en reacties van bezoekers. Welkom!
Deze week is mede mogelijk gemaakt door

 @gemeenteshertogenbosch  @visitdenbosch


All to human

Exiting evening at the pre-premiere  IN DE (S)MAAK @denieuwevorst  All to human. About gender and diversity.  On the red carpet starring many, I was named : GUESS WHAT?!

IN DE (S)MAAK is a project of  @academievoorbeeldvorming @ongekend.ongekend; 4 couples of artists and queers  ( me too) discussed gender by making art and performances together. Finally they exposed them during a dinnerdate. Those are shot together in a serie of 4 short movies. Come and see them on 4 november at the official premiere in @verkadefabriek in Den Bosch! Also with a red carpet show. See you there, keep posted on insta. x


Guess What?

Quess What?  (C) Lidwien van Noorden , performance movie 2021. More info about the making of and thoughts  you’ll find in the link  to the movie.

#ashwednesday  I am interested in creating a visual expression to understand the construction or thought about identity and feelings. I think identity is changeable. Like a mirror. To challenge us to dance our own ‘dance macabre’.

Enjoy more movies on my youtube channel or visit my artistpages on insta or facebook for sightseeing my artworks; welcome.

Sex cherishes our devil

Performing the temptation and diabolical dilemmas of Saint Anthony (based on the painting by Hieronymus Bosch), Rob and Lidwien want to seduce the public by evoking associations. They will make more movies or artobjects on this subject or other theme’s in the future. Stay tuned;


Performance gebaseerd op de verzoeking en duivelse dilemma’s van de Heilige Anthonius ( naar aanleiding van het schilderij van Jheronimus Bosch). (c) Rob Heesbeen en Lidwien van Noorden 2020