TIC HEAD ISLAND, 80 days quarantine.

During 80 lockdown days in 2020  Lidwien van Noorden was not able to go to her art-studio and made 100 contemplative art-images with a daily quote at home. In the summer 2020 she made an  artinstallation and book about this project. Preview at youtube; The full movie of the art istallation and art book.

 About TIC HEAD ISLAND in the press ( Dutch) ;

Do you like to order the book ‘Tic head island, 80 days quarantine’ ? Or expose the installation? Just contact Lidwien.

The book is on sale at bookshops and galleries or from Lidwien herself.

Specifications of the book;

Publisher: Colorsunwind
Design: Rob Heesbeen
Language; English and Dutch
Edition: 500
Format: 155 X 220 mm
Full color pages: 118

ISBN 978909033442

To buy the book  at bookstores and galleries costs € 19,95 incl BTW,  ordering from Lidwien van Noorden personal it is € 15,-  ex BTW and  ex sending-costs.


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